Enjoying The Little Things

My little family decided it was time to take a mini vacation. We packed our bags for a road trip and got a cabin out in Maryland. It was a much welcomed experience because we love to travel, and Covid stole that joy from us for over a year. We decided to start small by... Continue Reading →

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Can I Remain Unshakable?

When I think about the goodness of God, and all that he has provided me with, it warms my heart. God had sent his only Son to Earth for us. Jesus gave up his life for us. God made sure the sun, moon, stars, and CREATION was good for us. There is no doubt that... Continue Reading →


  Christenings are always good to see. They are a cleansing and blessing for the soul. It reminds us of how powerful family, love, and the church are in the Catholic/Christian faith. I attended my God daughters christening and wanted to share a few snapshots.  

The Beginning is Now…

Hi, hello! Miss Shirlz here and I'm an old time blogger, so this is bittersweet. Why bitter you ask? Well, I used to blog a long time ago and I recently decided to retire my old blog. It's sweet because here I am trying to take another crack at it and I'm excited. So give... Continue Reading →

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